MMSGS Game Nights are on Tuesdays from 6:00-9:45pm at Valhalla's Gate game store. We play games like "Puerto Rico", "Settlers of Catan", "St. Petersburg", "Princes of Florence", "Goa", or comparable games that can be completed in the time available before the store closing.


February 18, 2020: Cameron was the runaway winner of "Terraforming Mars" over Corey, Warren and Charlie. The game used the Hellas expansion board and the Colonies expansion moons. Kevin, Ethan, Will, Natalie, Seth and Sean played "Shadows over Camelot"; Kevin as the Traitor was the winner, defeating the others as a team. Then Sean won "Race for the Galaxy" over Kevin, Seth, Will and Ethan. Matthew defeated Andrew and Nate in "Gunkimono", then they were Joined by Yogesh for "Res Arkana", won by Yogesh by a single VP over the other three. Then the four played the card game "Dead Man Draw" with Andrew the winner. Corey was the winner of "Splendor" over Charlie and Warren by virtue of gaining three 3-point Noble tiles. Sean, Will, Brigid and Kevin played two games of "Zendo", Will winning one and Kevin the other. A third game was started but could not complete prior to store closing.

February 11, 2020: Sean was the winner of "Urban Sprawl" by a mere 2 VP over Corey; the other players were Kevin and Seth. Warren defeated Charlie, Natalie and Ethan in "Istanbul", then Charlie was the winner of Toledo over Natalie and Ethan.Will, Nate, Cameron and Andrew played the cooperative game "Spirit Island", winning as a team. Will was the winner of "Splendor" over Andrew and Charlie. Sean, Corey, Kevina and Seth played the cooperative game "Slide Quest". As a team, they successfully finished fourteen levels of twenty before calling it a night due to store closing.

February 4, 2020: Warren was the winner of "Concordia" over Charlie, Seth, Nate and Ethan. Sean, Will, Cameron and Kevin played "Big City", won by Sean, "Era of Kingdoms" won by Kevin by a single VP and "Suspend", also won by Sean,

January 28, 2020: Seth was the winner by a wide margin in "Goa" over Will, Warren and Charlie. He continued his success by defeating the other three in "Splendor". Sean, Kevin, Corey and Ethan played "SpaceCorp"; the game could not be completed due to store closing, but there was agreement that Corey was well in the lead.