MMSGS Game Nights are on Tuesdays from 6:00-10:00pm at Valhalla's Gate game store. We play games like "Puerto Rico", "Settlers of Catan", "St. Petersburg", "Princes of Florence", "Goa", or comparable games that can be completed in the time available before the store closing.


September 19, 2017: Michael was the winner of "High Frontier" over Eric, Cameron and Mark. Jason defeated Charlie, Will and Joe in "Tigris and Euphrates". Then Ted took Joe's place in "Istanbul", won by Will. The four then played "Splendor", with Jason the winner.

September 12, 2017: Patrick was the winner of "Merchant of Venus" using the Standard Game rules and board; the other players were Cameron, Jason and Fatima. Charlie defeated Will and Ted in "Terraforming Mars". Dean was the winner by a single VP of "El Grande" over Raymond, Rebecca and Pat, then the four played two games of Gravwell; Pat won the first and Dean the second.

September 5, 2017: Cameron defeated Jeff in "Time of Crisis". Will was the winner of "Concordia" over Ted and Charlie. Then the three played two games of "Favor of the Gods", a card game developed by Ted. Charlie won the first game and Will the second. Then Charlie defeated Ted and Will in "Splendor". Josh, Patrick, Naomi and Holli played two games of "7 Wonders", Naomi winning the first and Josh the second. Then the four played "Arcane Academy" with Josh the winner.

August 29, 2017: Eric was the winner of "Puerto Rico" over Glen, Mark S and Joe. Then the four played the card game "Control" which ended in a four-way tie. They were joined by Will and Ted for two games of "Code Names"; the team of Will, Glen and Mark S winning both games. Holli was the narrow winner by two VPs over Will in "Five Tribes"; the other players were Ted and Charlie. Charlie was the winner of "Downfall of Pompeii" over Will and Ted. Spenser was the runaway winner of "Tzolk'in" over Patrick, Cameron and Fatima, then he defeated Charlie and Patrick in "Splendor". Michael was the winner of "Food Chain Magnate" over Josh and Naomi.