MMSGS Game Nights are on Tuesdays from 6:00-10:00pm at Valhalla's Gate game store. We play games like "Puerto Rico", "Settlers of Catan", "St. Petersburg", "Princes of Florence", "Goa", or comparable games that can be completed in the time available before the store closing.


November 21, 2017: Glen won a runaway victory in "Raiders of the North Sea" over Charlie and Patrick N. Then Patrick and Charlie played "Carcassonne South Seas" and "Splendor", Patrick winning the first and Charlie the second. Eric was the winner of "La Granja" over Will, Cameron and Joe; then the four played "Between Two Cities" with Joe and Cameron tied for the victory by a single VP over Eric and Will with the last two also tied.

November 14, 2017: Rob, Brandon and Stephanie played the cooperative game "Kingdom of Death" and were winners. Josh was the runaway winner of "Princes of Florence" over Naomi, Charlie and Patrick L. Then the four were joined by Peter for a game of "Between Two Cities", also won by Josh. Cameron defeated Ted, Patrick N and Will by a single VP in "La Granja". Eric and Michael played "Arkwright"; a number of mistakes were made that left the winner inconclusive athough Eric appeared to be ahead at game end..

November 7, 2017: Glen and Naomi as the English defeated Jeff and Peter as the Vikings in "878 Vikings: The Invasion of England". Three games of "Attack on Titan: Last Stand" were played. In each game Carmen was Titan; in the first game Tim, Aaron and Karli as the Humans were the winner; in the second Tim, Aaron, Karli and Patrick L were the winners; in the third Carmen defeated Aaron and Karli. Eric was the runaway winner of "Great Western Trail" over Charlie. Patrick N defeated Lauren and Will in "La Isla", then Will was the winner of "Dominion" over Lauren. Finally, Peter defeated Will, Patrick L and Naomi in "Citadels".

October 31, 2017: On this Halloween evening Patrick N was the winner of "Terraforming Mars" over Will and Charlie. Ted defeated Lauren in two games of "Dominion", then the two played the cooperative "Lord of the Rings Card Game" but were losers to the game.