MMSGS Game Nights are on Tuesdays from 6:00-10:00pm at Valhalla's Gate game store. We play games like "Puerto Rico", "Settlers of Catan", "St. Petersburg", "Princes of Florence", "Goa", or comparable games that can be completed in the time available before the store closing.


November 13, 2018: Eric, Cameron and Will played the cooperative game "Exit: Sunken Treasures" and were victorious as a team. The three then played "Tiny Epic Galaxies" and "Key Forge", with Eric winning both. Frank and Charlie played "Whistle Stop", won by Charlie, "Metro", won by Frank, and "Splendor", won by Charlie on tie break.

November 6, 2018: Eric, Will, Charlie and Glen played "Russian Railroads". Glen had to leave halfway through the game but the remaining three completed the game with Eric the winner.

October 30, 2018: Frank was the winner of "Concordia" over Will, Charlie and Dean. Then the four played "Azul", with Will scoring a runaway victory.

October 23, 2018: Frank won a solid victory in "Hansa Teutonica" over Eric, Will, Cameron and Charlie. Then Charlie defeated Frank and Will in "London"; the game was called midway through the C card deck due to store closing.