The weekend Society meetings are normally held on every other Saturday of each month at the Columbia library with play starting shortly after 9:00am, although dates may vary due to library schedule conflicts. They are intended to be games that require more time than available on Tuesday nights at Valhalla's. The players who participate on a regular basis rotate in proposing a game for future meetings, which they commit to bring and/or lead.

Future meetings: (If a link is provided, click on it to access the game rules ).

The following games are planned but Library room reservations can only be made 60 calendar days in advance and some Saturdays are pre-empted by Library activities, so the dates should be regarded as tentative:


December 7, 2019: Walt was the winner of "History of the World" by a narrow margin over Warren. The other players were Sean, Phil, Ernie and Mark.

November 16, 2019: Warren as the red nations was the runaway winner of "Britannia"; the other players were Ernie (green nations), Charlie (blue nations) and Walt (yellow nations).

November 2, 2019: Ernie was the winner of "Escape from Colditz" when his nation's second POW escaped from the German prison. Charlie had one prisoner escape, neither Walt nor Mark had an escapee. Ted played the German security officer attempting to prevent escapes and recapturing escapees before they could reach freedom.