The weekend Society meetings are normally held on every other Saturday of each month at the Columbia library with play starting shortly after 9:00am, although dates may vary due to library schedule conflicts. They are intended to be games that require more time than available on Tuesday nights at Valhalla's. The players who participate on a regular basis rotate in proposing a game for future meetings, which they commit to bring and/or lead.

Future meetings: (If a link is provided, click on it to access the game rules ).

The following games are planned but Library room reservations can only be made two months in advance and some Saturdays are pre-empted by Library activities, so the dates should be regarded as tentative:


June 15, 2019: Ernie was the winner of "Pax Porfiriana" as a result of having the most gold when the fourth and final Topple card was discarded. The other players were Warren, Charlie and Mark.

June 1, 2019: Warren as the Habsburgs was the winner of "Revolution - The Dutch Revolt" coming from behind in the last turn to pass Adam as the Nobility. The other players were Charlie as the Reformers, Walt as the Catholics and Ernie as the Burghers.

May 4, 2019: In a very close game of "Fief - France 1429" between Walt, Ernie, Adam and Mark where all four players had a chance to win, Adam came out the winner by 3 VP.

April 20, 2019: In "Battlestar Galactica" Lynn and Charlie as the Cylons defeated Ernie, Walt and Ted as the humans, running Morale to zero after only one FTL jump.