The weekend Society meetings normally held on two Saturdays of each month at the Columbia Library, starting shortly after 9:00 am, although dates may vary due to library schedule conflicts. They are intended to be games that take more time than available in an afternoon or evening. These are game such as "Here I Stand" or one of the 18XX family of games. The players who participate on a regular basis rotate in proposing a game for each meeting, which they commit to bring and/or lead. The Library is currently open but with with social distancing restrictions, but meeting rooms for group events including our Saturday gaming are closed until further notice. These longer games are currently being played played at Charlie Ward's house until the Library meeting rooms re-open. Because they are not limited by meeting room availability they may be played on either Saturday or Sunday depending on interested players' availability.

The following games are planned for future meetings (if a link is provided, click on it to access the game rules):

June 20, 2021: Charlie's choice: " Here I Stand".

July 11, 2021: Warren's choice: "1854". This stock market and rail game is set in imperial Austria.

July 25, 2021: Lynn's choice: (game TBD)


June 6, 2021: Ted, playing Germany, and Mark, playing Japan, were the winners of "Axis & Allies" over Warren, playing Russia, Charlie, playing England, and Walt, playing the USA. The victory was based on the greatest increase of IPC over the course of the game.

May 23, 2021: Warren, playing Maine, won "Rails of New England" by a comfortable margin over Charlie as Connecticut, Ted as Vermont and Mark as New Hampshire.

April 27, 2021: Warren, playing the blue nations, was the winner of "Britannia". The other players were Walt as the red nations, Charlie as the green nations and Mark as the yellow nations.